5 Cycles of Nourishment for ORBIT

5 Cycles of Nourishment for ORBIT

5 Cycles of Nourishment for Orbit
to be repeated four times
and an active practice of Water is Life

1 cycle = 24 Earth hours

food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition
act of nourishing
state of being nourished
process, system, method, etc., of providing or administering nourishment

Each cycle will include 3 familiarly named meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) to connect with the expectations of daily life we bring into orbit. The 3 familiarly named meals can situate themselves into the timing most nourishing for each performer. Breakfast and Lunch can be prepared individually and we suggest for the nourishment that collaboration provides, that the Dinner be prepared together. Other aliases for these 3 meals can also be adopted. We are providing two types of full body snack bars, one per person, per day. Made of high protein, mineral rich ingredients and words the bars will focus on meeting various emotions and needs.

Hydration is the basis of all nourishment: as water is life, both our human life, our animal friends, and the food life we will consume. We recognize and humble ourselves to the fact that all of this food is dependent on water. It literally can not come to life without water. And we can not come to life without water.

Healing herbs for tea infusions will be provided for Orbit. We are all healing. As defined nourishment pertains to: food, the act, the state, and the process. We prepare the menus as well as the food for Orbit with intention and energy toward the act(ivating), the state (of being), and process (dismantling the end by value to the means) in order to contribute to the fullest nourishment of the Actors of Orbit. We also prepare the menus and food with intersectionality as our guide. How do we think about creating food for this performance that vulnerably submits survival in a vitrine when the reality of survival is at stake for so many and being utilized as acts of resistance? For example the water protectors at Standing Rock are activating their survival to resist corporate interests and insist on indigenous rights to land and life. And/or Black Lives Matter insisting on existence as a way to survive the ongoing violence of white supremacy. Both of these examples communicate to us public displays of endurance through survival.

With Love + Rage,
Dana Bishop-Root
Ginger Brooks Takahashi

Breakfast: hearty oat porridge with nuts & BERRY
Lunch: polenta with pesto
Dinner: kimchi rice bowl

Breakfast: super green nettle smoothie
Lunch: mushroom ramen with vegetable
Dinner: green curry rice with soy protein

Breakfast: chia and taro grain porridge
Lunch: wide noodle in miso broth
Dinner: potato chowder and seaweed salad

Breakfast: hearty oat porridge with nuts & BERRY
Lunch: pho with mushroom broth
Dinner: black beans and rice

Breakfast: chia and taro grain porridge
Lunch: CURRIED red lentil coconut soup with greens
Dinner: rice noodle bowl with peanut sauce

sopressata, aged cheese, almonds, apricots, walnuts, peanuts,
olives, hard crackers
Persistence Energy & Floating Wave bars
Sleep Deep & Positive Persistence tinctures

Love & Rage in Red tea